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This article quotes the following scripture and massively misrepresents what the passage truly means. It does not mean that a Christian should obey WHATEVER law the governing authorities enact. What if a government enacted a law that everyone had to publicly acknowledge and worship the President as God? Are Christians to obey that? No!:

 “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment” (Romans 13:1-3).

Besides the above glaring error, the article makes some very good points: Christians of today are almost indistinguishable from the secular society around them, and those who can be marginally distinguished from secular society have never been taught that they may be persecuted for their faith, that in this life they may face hardship because of their faith and adherence to how Jesus says we should live! They have been fed on a false diet of: “Your Best life Now” or basically how to enjoy the candy coated material life around you, to achieve the greatest wealth that you can!

from PJ Media:

For two years, Americans have been partially or entirely deprived of fundamental freedoms — of assembly, speech, religious liberty, making a living, a child’s right to an education, access to early treatment for a potentially deadly virus, and more — for the first time in American history. That half of America, especially its elites, has either made peace with or supported these deprivations of freedom is why many of us worry about America’s future as a free society.

Even more concerning have been the reactions of America’s great religions — specifically, Catholics, Protestants, Mormons (Latter-day Saints) and Jews. The government issued irrational (as well as anti-religious and unethical) edicts and nearly every church and synagogue obeyed.

These churches and synagogues closed their schools to in-classroom instruction despite the fact that COVID-19 presented virtually no threat to young people. Exponentially more children have been hurt by closing religious and secular schools and, later, by making children wear masks — even outdoors — than by COVID-19. This has been made clear not only by relevant data in America but by Sweden, which never closed its schools for children under 16 — and not a single student or teacher died from COVID-19.

As Swedish physicians wrote in a letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine in February 2021: “Despite Sweden’s having kept schools and preschools open, we found a low incidence of severe Covid-19 among schoolchildren and children of preschool age during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Among the 1.95 million children who were 1 to 16 years of age, 15 children had Covid-19, MIS-C, or both conditions and were admitted to an ICU, which is equal to 1 child in 130,000… No child with Covid-19 died.”

Recently, some churches and synagogues told their congregants that children as young as 5 had to be vaccinated in order to attend services. It is immoral to give young children a COVID-19 vaccine for which we have no long-term safety data, and especially when children are not at risk from the virus. Yet most churches and synagogues, pastors, priests and rabbis have insisted on it.

Given the sheeplike behavior of so many of America’s religious leaders and institutions, the question is: Why?

There are both similar and different answers for each religion. The similar reasons are that most religious institutions and leaders have become largely indistinguishable from their secular counterparts. With the exception of attending church or synagogue, most Christians and Jews think and act like most secular Americans.

Regarding COVID-19, most religious leaders have been as scared as most secular leaders. And regarding fear, the only major difference between Americans has not been between religious and secular, but between Right and Left. Conservative clergy have been less scared than liberal clergy, just as conservative nonreligious Americans have been less scared than liberal nonreligious Americans. Which, of course, prompts the question: Does religion make people wiser, better and more courageous? Or has religion largely become something that serves only to make adherents feel good?

With regard to Christians, there is the issue of the New Testament admonition to obey secular authority. To cite the most famous example: “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment” (Romans 13:1-3).

Mormons have an additional issue. They are not only expected to obey the Bible, but LDS leaders as well. The head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the First Presidency, which consists of three men who are regarded as prophets — God speaks through them. Faithful Mormons, therefore, regard some First Presidency pronouncements as the word of God.

On Aug. 12, 2021, the First Presidency (whose president is, not surprisingly, a physician) released a statement saying, “We urge individuals to be vaccinated,” and “we can win this war if everyone will follow the wise and thoughtful recommendations of medical experts and government leaders.”

As Mormons are generally the most socially and politically conservative of America’s religious groups, many of them have not regarded the “recommendations of medical experts and government leaders” as “wise and thoughtful.” Just as most non-Mormon conservatives do, most Mormon conservatives regard most of our medical experts and government leaders as non-thoughtful, non-wise and too often corrupt.

So, what are these Mormons to do?

A Brigham Young University publication, the Daily Universe, quoted a Mormon woman named Hannah Colby: “I am kind of like at odds with the First Presidency, but I know President Nelson is a prophet of God,” she said.

The paper did not reveal how Colby resolved that tension.

Christians need to grapple with the New Testament admonitions to obey secular authorities. That’s what the great majority of German Christian pastors and churches did in the 1930s. In light of Romans 13, were they right or wrong? If the irrational and freedom-destroying mandates of the secular authorities in America (and the rest of the West) force serious Christians to confront the question of whether a Christian must always obey the government, that will be one of the few good things to come out of the COVID-19 era.

And what has animated most Jews — and nearly all non-Orthodox (and more than a few modern Orthodox) synagogues — to obey irrational and immoral rules of secular authorities?

One obvious answer is that most non-Orthodox Jews are on the Left. And the Left lives in fear (of COVID-19, of global warming, of secondhand smoke, of diving boards, and much else) and is prepared to subvert any freedom to assuage their fears. In any event, freedom is not a left-wing value; it is a liberal value. But most liberals, Jewish and non-Jewish, support the Left.

There are two other, less obvious, reasons for the unquestioning obedience of most synagogues and other Jewish institutions. One is that Jews tend to idolize doctors and the other is that Jews tend to unquestioningly obey “experts.” “Experts say” is to most non-Orthodox Jews what “Thus says the Lord” is to most Orthodox Jews. Of course, non-questioning obedience to “experts” also characterizes many non-Jews; in fact, it characterizes most well-educated people. But Jews happen to be the most well-educated ethnic/religious group in America.

All this notwithstanding, the fact is that a disproportionate percentage of those who defied irrational and unconstitutional governmental mandates have been religious Americans. The tragedy of American religious life is that religious people who lack courage are concentrated in leadership positions.

In September 2021, for the 15th consecutive year (except for 2020), I led Jewish High Holiday Services for about 400 people — no masks required, and no vaccination necessary. Other synagogues could have done the same thing — but nearly all rabbis and synagogue boards were too scared and too obedient to do so. And of course, the same holds true for most churches, whether Catholic, Protestant or Mormon. Too scared. And too obedient to irrational dictates.

They will pay a price as people will gradually come to understand how weak their religious leaders were. And they will pay another price: by keeping their churches and synagogues closed for so long (for no good reason), many of their congregants may just not return. If my clergy didn’t think it was important that I attend for nearly two years, maybe it just isn’t that important.

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from Reformation Charlotte:

Today’s worship landscape has been overtaken by modern, contemporary music as the hymns of the old days that contained good theology have been largely abandoned. In this article, I want to compare the psychology of the lyrics of two popular worship songs; one hymn without repetitive lyrics and one contemporary single with them.

Now, you might be wondering why I’m concerned with psychology. Shouldn’t we only be concerned with what the Scriptures have to say about worship? The answer to that is a resounding “yes,” however, a cursory look at the psychology will explain why charismatics–who don’t actually adhere to biblical principles in worship–are attached to shallow, repetitive music in the way that they are.

In a 2014 study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, it was demonstrated that repetitive lyrics in music were a key indicator in how likely a song would reach the top spots on the Billboard list. In other words, the more repetitive the lyrics, the more people became psychologically attached to a song. The study noted that these repetitive portions of music, also known as the chorus, have historically been “used as a ‘hook’ to catch the ear of the listener and is repeated regularly throughout a song.” The effect of this, the study notes, is known as “repetitive priming” which results in a more pleasant experience among the listener.

Now, let’s take a look at two popular songs. The first one is a hymn released by Stuart Townend, How Deep the Father’s Love For Us. The lyrics contain three main parts with no repetitive lyrics, but for simplicity’s sake, I’ll only print the last section.

I will not boast in anything
No gifts, no power, no wisdom
But I will boast in Jesus Christ
His death and resurrection
Why should I gain from His reward?
I cannot give an answer
But this I know with all my heart
His wounds have paid my ransom

Even though this hymn is newer, it is nearly indistinguishable from the hymns written throughout history by the Reformers, the Puritans, etc. in it’s theological richness. The accompanying music is subtle and the focus of this song is on the actual words. It is not overrun with psychological tricks to garner an emotional response; the solid and rich theology in this music alone is enough to do that for a true believer.

Now, let’s look at another highly popular song that’s making its waves throughout Evangelical churches around the world. This song was written and produced by a “worship artist” named Charity Gayle. The name of this song is New Name Written Down in Glory. For this song, I’ll post more of the lyrics, roughly half, as you should get the point. The other half is nearly identical. As you can see below, the song is repetitive and shallow.

There is a new name written down in glory
And it’s mine, yes, it’s mine (I’ve met Jesus)
I’ve met the Author of my story
And He’s mine, yes, He’s mine (There is a new name)
There is a new name written down in glory
And it’s mine, yes, it’s mine (Hallelujah)
I’ve met the author of my story
And He’s mine, yes, He’s mine (Yes, He’s mine)Yeah, sing it,

I am who I am because the I Am tells me who I am
I am who I am because the I Am tells me, come on
I am who I am because the I Am tells me who I am
I am who I am because the I Am tells me who I am
I am who I am because the I Am tells me who I am
I am who I am because the I Am tells me who I am
I am who I am because the I Am tells me who I am
I am who I am because the I Am tells me who I am

There is a new name written down in glory (Sing it out, hallelujah)
And it’s mine, yes, it’s mine (Oh, He’s mine. Yes, He’s mine)
I’ve met the Author of my story (Oh, His name is Jesus)
And He’s mine, yes, He’s mine (He’s mine, whoa, He’s mine)

There is a new name written down in glory
And it’s mine, yes, it’s mine
I’ve met the Author of my story
And He’s mine, yes, He’s mine (Yes, He’s mine. And He’s mine)
And He’s mine, yes, He’s mine (Yes, He’s mine. And He’s mine)
And He’s mine, yes, He’s mine (Yes, He’s mine)

Below is the video of Gayle and her band performing this song. As you can see in the video, the music and the production itself is the focus of the song and the repetitive lyrics–as concluded in the psychology study cited above–serve one purpose: to create pleasure. That pleasure is evident in the reaction of the audience and the band.

So, the questions that must then be asked: Is this an acceptable form of worship? Is God okay with this? Is this even worship at all?

Clearly, this is a form of worship; it appears to be an emotional form of self-idolatry. As noted in the lyrics, the song isn’t even about God, it’s about me. Count how many times the words “I,” “my,” “mine,” “me,” etc. have been used just in the lyrics above. Yet, just do a YouTube search for churches performing this song and see the reactions. These people believe they are worshiping God but this song isn’t even about God. Let’s just be real, this song wasn’t designed to cause one to worship the one true God revealed in Scripture. This song was designed to sell.

In another study conducted by the NIH (yes, I know, the NIH is run by awful people), various repetitive chanting practices were studied among various religious groups including Roman Catholics and Buddhists. The study demonstrated that:

Verbal repetitions of a sequence of a particular tune or the vibration of sound may be utilized as contemplative aids for acquiring attentiveness, presence of mind, and for triggering a series of positive associations through correlative thinking that links the name of Amitābha Buddha with symbolic and literary narratives of his Pure Land Sukhâvatî, literally the “land of bliss.”

In other words, the verbal repetition in chanting and singing has been demonstrated to psychologically open one’s mind to suggestion. Notably, the charismatic movement employs this technique to emotionally manipulate the audience prior to the preacher taking the stage to open their minds to be able to more easily receive whatever is being stated. Just watch any YouTube video from Bethel Church and its pastor, Bill Johnson, and you will see this. But this technique, to a certain extent, is now being regularly employed by many mainstream Evangelical churches whether intentionally or not. There is hardly a Southern Baptist church that doesn’t begin the worship service with Hillsong or Bethel music.

But is this how we want to open the hearts and minds of people? By emotional manipulation? Isn’t that the job of the Holy Spirit? It is the Holy Spirit that does this work within us and he does so through the preaching of the Word; not through psychological-emotional manipulation of shallow music.

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you. –John 14:26

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I am not a “Dominionist” I do not believe the Bible teaches that Christians are to be the catalyst or the soldiers to physically fight to transform the world into a “Heaven on Earth” which would then trigger Christ’s return. The Bible is clear that we are now are either in the “Church Age” or very near the end of the “Church Age” and that evil WILL only increase, until such time that man will become so evil he will almost destroy humanity through an anti-Christ system, which I believe we are in the very early stages of that system being set up. However that does not mean that this video does not have many good things to say, in some subtle way it can appeal to “Dominionists” who believe we should initiate a physical war against tyrants.

If things do become too dire in this country and around the world Christians may be forced to defend themselves and their rights. However Christians need to be cautious for those who cry for a physical war against tyrants!

I believe in these times, far too much of what is known as Christianity in the world has decided to side with Humanism and Tyrants.

For Christians who recognize the times, it is important for them to begin to STAND UP and SPEAK THE TRUTH. And Christianity today also needs wise elders and pastors to help guide Christians to STAND UP and Speak the Truth! True Christianity today also needs to return to being a local community, helping and supporting each other. Our whole society today, and more so in the last couple of years has sought to separate and divide people and families, preventing them from being able to rely on each other! It lies to people and tells them to rely on the definition that a tyrannical government applies to “community” and the “greater good”, however their definitions are anti-God. And further to rely on that tyrannical government to tell individuals everything to do!

Sadly governments of today are destroying society, and mass media is their propaganda arm!

Rise up Christians! Stand up and speak the Truth!

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And they wonder why mainline churches are closing down. Woke “Preachers”

from The Post Millenial:

A “woke” preacher was speaking at a panel during the summer of 2021 in London and he mentioned that, in his opinion, Jesus “transgendered himself” many times in the Bible.

Speaking in front of a rainbow-colored altar cloth, the preacher told the panel and his audience that “God is queer”, and that we have misinterpreted him through the ages due to our heteronormativity.

“I think Jesus ‘transgenders himself’ on a number of occasions,” said the preacher.

“I think, even just a little phrase: ‘Jesus is lamenting after Jerusalem, longing to gather Jerusalem as a mother hen gathers her chicks.'”

“I think if you look at the foot-washing from John’s Gospel, foot-washing elsewhere, in both [the] Old and New Testaments, it’s consistently done by women, and yet Jesus takes that on.”

“People often cast that as being the servant’s role; it was the woman’s role. And Jesus does it, and becomes the woman at that point.”

“Here’s the wider context. From a panel on “Queer Theology” last summer. Speaker is Simon Woodman, of London’s Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church,” tweeted Woke Preacher Clips, who originally uploaded the clip to Twitter:

In a similar speech, another controversial “woke preacher” said back in Nov 2021 that America should be called a “tossed salad” instead of a melting pot.

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from Lighthouse Trails Research:

Here in New Zealand, we are opening up after Auckland, our largest city, has been in lockdown for quite a while. We have been going to the Salvation Army in _____________. They have now decided that because of the new restrictions coming into place this Friday they will not allow people without a vaccine passport to attend any of their services or even go on their premises. This came as a huge shock as we are not vaccinated yet. We are older people and were told through a Pastoral letter that we are now banned from their services; how about that? Their rationale was it’s the government’s decision, which is just not true—it’s their decision from a list of different options. They also say that it’s done as a safety precaution for our health. I’ve not been able to work that one out yet. How can a church ban anyone from their services? It goes against everything the church stands for. I’ve written to them to tell them of our disgust with their decision. You just can’t do that! They sent back a feeble reply.

What a world we live in, and it will probably get worse.

I have copied the relevant part of their Pastoral Letter detailing their decision, just to confirm to you we do have this right to share this with you.

“After much thought, prayer and discussion the unanimous decision of the Corps Leadership team and Pastoral Care council is that once the new COVID-19 Protection Framework comes into play on Dec 3rd, we will require those eligible for a vaccination, to be fully vaccinated to attend any activity held within our buildings, including Sunday Worship.  This applies to both ourselves and those who hire our facilities for other purposes.”

This simple means anyone without the vaccine passport and those who are not eligible for the vaccine passport will not be permitted to attend their services.

We will keep you updated on any further developments.

Take care, bless you.

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From The Chattanooga Times Free Press:

That Tuesday night’s “special service” was supposed to be a joyous one for televangelist Perry Stone. He circled the room singing along to the music. He cracked jokes about gaining weight over Thanksgiving.

But as Stone was describing to his followers how some people walked away from religion in recent years, the voice of a woman in the back brought the auditorium to silence.

“Probably because you keep touching them, you nasty perv,” she yelled. “Why don’t you tell them the real reason why they left? Because you kept touching them.”

“Ma’am, I’ll have you arrested, and I’ll bring a lawsuit against you for making statements like that,” Stone said, as his security guards rushed toward the woman.

His voice held steady for a few more words before he began yelling, “You’ve talked to people who told 16 lies on my wife and I! That’s who you’ve been talking to.

“Last month, the Federal Bureau of Investigation began questioning people connected to Stone and his Cleveland-based ministries, according to five people with direct knowledge of the interactions.

At least seven people connected to the ministry, including some couples, have shared information that investigators sought about sexual misconduct allegations against Stone as well as the evangelist’s connections to Bradley County law enforcement, according to the five people.

In a statement to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, an FBI spokesperson said Department of Justice policy “prohibits us from confirming or denying the existence or non-existence of FBI investigations.

“Meanwhile, more than a dozen people connected or formerly connected to Stone’s ministry told the Times Free Press they are becoming more concerned about the perceived lack of accountability for the internationally known spiritual leader a year and a half after allegations of inappropriate conduct involving women were first made public.

Some are angry at the board of directors at Voice of Evangelism, believing the ministry did not involve law enforcement or fully investigate claims of misconduct against Stone by women in his ministry, which included groping, unwanted kissing and showing women he was aroused.

Others believe the safety measures originally discussed for Stone when allegations were made were not followed and the pastor returned to full-time public ministry too soon. Many of the people who spoke with the Times Free Press are worried a lack of accountability and awareness could put others at risk as Stone begins traveling and leading services again.

The Times Free Press gathered information about Stone and his organizations from 19 people connected to the ministry, including interviewing four women who said they were victims of Stone. Most asked their names not be made public for fear of retribution from Stone or his followers. Some individuals, including people who declined to speak with the Times Free Press, received threatening text messages or found their property vandalized in recent weeks.

How this story was reported

The Times Free Press gathered information from 19 people connected to Perry Stone’s ministry to help publish this story. That information included documents, internal communications and voice recordings, as well as interviews with 16 people connected with Perry Stone’s ministry or with direct knowledge of events relevant to the story. The reporter also attended events hosted by Stone’s ministry, such as the special service on Nov. 30.

Stone has recently posted to his hundreds of thousands of online followers about a spiritual vision in which he strikes a fish, which symbolized someone standing against his ministry, in the head and it “died instantly.” Stone has said Christians should not trust negative things said about others and said people who challenge him are demonic.

In a statement to the Times Free Press, John Rodriguez, an outside spokesperson for Voice of Evangelism, defended the board’s handling of the allegations and characterized the internal investigation as “appropriate and intensive.”

“The conclusions reached and actions taken by the board were determined by the board to be reasonable and appropriate and in the best interests of Voices of Evangelism, its supporters and even its detractors,” Rodriguez said in a statement.

According to Rodriguez, the board of directors “does not believe that it is appropriate to further characterize the nature and content of any allegations against Perry Stone.”……..

read the rest of the article here.

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from The Washington Examiner:

A preacher dressed in drag led a sermon for children on Sunday in Chicago.

Aaron Musser, the preacher at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Logan Square, said that instead of telling people how they should be joyful, he was showing them what makes him joyful, arguing his attire served as a dress rehearsal for the ultimate joy experienced upon the return of Jesus Christ.

“It’s been so hard to know what that joy will be because it’s been so long since some of us have been joyful. It’s been a difficult and tiring couple of years,” Musser said. “And I decided instead of telling you, ‘This is how I want you to be joyful,’ as we prepare for this dress rehearsal, I figured I would instead put on a dress as so many who have inspired me have done. I decided to follow their example, showing that liberation from oppressive laws clears a path for joy.”

Children have been increasingly exposed to drag queens in recent years, with several attending drag queen story hours at public libraries, museums, and recreation centers since 2015.

“Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) is just what it sounds like — drag queens reading stories to children in libraries, schools, and bookstores,” the Drag Queen Story Hour website reads. “DQSH captures the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models. In spaces like this, kids are able to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where people can present as they wish, where dress up is real.”

Isaac Simmons, known by his drag name of Ms. Penny Cost, became the first drag queen certified as a candidate for ordination in the United Methodist Church earlier this year. The ordainment process takes five years to complete.

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I am pleased to see Herescope dive into this subject, as always they see the trend clearly and articulate it so well! Read all four parts:

Read Part 2: The Fishbowl

Read Part 3: Fake Normal

Read Part 4: Fake Choice

From Herescope:

“…FAKE prophets shall rise,
and shall shew signs and wonders,
to seduce,
if it were possible,
even the elect.”

(Mark 13:22)

Christians tend to think of FALSE prophets in terms of purveyors of heretical religious doctrine within the Church only. We also recognize false prophets in cults, the occult and the New Age Movement. But for the past half century we have also witnessed the rise of false prophets coming from seemingly secular paradigms in society such as Progressivism, Humanism, and Postmodernism. But these worldviews come with their own belief systems, codes of ethics, and behavioral norms. In other words, these ungodly systems promote a DIFFERENT spirituality based on FALSE theses which are not biblical Truth. In our lifetimes we have watched as advocates of these worldviews use their platforms of influence to proselytize their dogma.

The extent to which these false prophets have entered the Church is a concern we have often warned about. We are warning once again, but this time in a different context. It was the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer who tipped us off about FAKE prophets over fifty years ago. He identified the rise of a FAKE science that would be enhanced by technology and spun by media. He warned that their FAKE facts could be deadly.

“But wait:
Can we really trust the government of a scientist
merely because he wears a white coat?
Can we actually believe that such people will not manipulate
just because they are scientists?”
– Dr. Francis Schaeffer

“Modern Man the ManipulatorFAKE science narratives are what Scripture calls “science falsely so called” (1 Timothy 6:20). Many science myths have now become part and parcel of our modern society. Concurrently there is much scientific fact that is being squelched. Thus many believers are having difficulty sorting out TRUTH from ERROR. This “sorting out process is known as DISCERNMENT.   In 1970 Dr. Francis Schaeffer warned the church about the rise of Progressivism, Humanism and Postmodernism. Specifically he wrote about “modern man the manipulator in chapter 7 of his book The Church at the End of the 20th Century (Inter-Varsity, 1970). With great foresight he predicted:

It is obvious: The future is open to manipulation. Who will do the manipulating? Will it be the new elite on the side of an Establishment totalitarianism or the Left Wing elite? Whichever side wins–or whoever achieves political or cultural power in the future–will have at his disposal manipulations that no totalitarian ruler in the past has ever had. None of these are only future; they all exist today waiting to be used by the coming manipulators.(p. 91)

 Dr. Schaeffer grimly anticipated a time when there would be an aggressive propagation of fake science that would establish an alternative worldview. It would set itself in opposition not only to Christianity, but also to freedom itself. He identified key “manipulators” of the truth “who change the TRUTH of God into a LIE” (Romans 1:25). He saw ominous signs of an arising scientific and technocratic elite who would aggressively alter law, history, religion, art, media, and technology in order to put themselves in power.  That day has now come upon us. 

The Original FAKE Science

Schaeffer classified the original fake science as evolution, i.e., Darwinism. Darwinism was really the first big experiment — not a true science experiment, but rather a grandiose psycho-social-spiritual experiment in altering man’s perception of God’s true reality. As a result much science has been flawed for the past several centuries. Darwinian science gave birth to a faulty geology (pun intended) about earth’s true age, Noah’s actual flood and current (and endtime) seismic events.[2] Evolutionary biology gave rise to tinkering with DNA.

 The false evolution paradigm obliterated the story about the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). To offer man a pathway to self-fulfillment other than the Gospel of salvation, evolution forged other disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, and psychology. In this way evolution has permeated the entire mindset of Western civilization, supplanting biblical Truth about the nature of man and the creation of the universe. (Read our landmark article “Esoteric Evolution”.) To a staggering extent the compromised postmodern Church world has bought into the Darwinian mindset, eviscerating the Gospel of salvation.[3]
 Schaeffer described how this evolutionary worldview could become a tool for manipulation of people: 

Note well: This is a non-objective, sociological science. Conclusions are determined by the way a scientist wants the result to turn out sociologically. It is a science which will manipulate society by the manipulations of scientific ‘fact.’ I do not believe that man without absolutes… will continue to maintain a high sense of objectivity. On one side, I think science will increasingly become only technology. On the other side, it will become sociological science and be a tool of manipulation in the hands of the manipulators.(p. 92)

 He presciently warned about a day when the science establishment elites would be tempted to seize power:

Beware, therefore, of the movement to give the scientific community the right to rule. They are not neutral in the old concept of scientific objectivity. Objectivity is a myth that will not hold simply because these men have no basis for it. Keep in mind that to these men morals are only a set of averages. Here, then, is a present form of manipulation which we can expect to get greater as one or the other elite takes more power–and especially if the Establishment elite takes over.(p. 92)[emphasis added]

 Observing the terrifying potentials of the new science that was emerging fifty years ago, he warned specifically about both “chemical and electrical manipulation.” He cited Arthur Koestler’s book The Ghost in the Machine which advocated drugging man to assist in our evolution. He reported on a December 1, 1969 Newsweek article predicting “drugs to blunt curiosity and initiative.” (p. 97) He also noticed  high profile scientists plotting ways to reduce the world’s population.

A DEADLY Science Narrative
The first global science experiment to reduce the world’s population was abortion. The public was fed the LIE by the Establishment Media and certain segments of the medical scientific community that an unborn baby is a merely a piece of tissue. Many believed this fake science narrative.
Personal Testimony: In 1984 I was a right to life leader.  A brave young college student volunteered to take a specimen of my pregnant urine into the local Planned Parenthood clinic so she could investigate them. She wanted to know what options they would give her when the urine sample tested positive for pregnancy. She was given a photocopied line drawing of a uterus with squiggly lines depicting the contents. No baby, no embryo, only black and white lines. The abortion industry wasn’t going to tell her the truth about fetal development. They made more money by persuading her to undergo the surgical procedure.

A year later I organized a local television showing of Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s film The Silent Scream which filmed an actual abortion via ultrasound. Dr. Nathanson was an atheist at the time. He told us he had personally been responsible for over 72,000 abortions. This new technology persuaded him that the very babies he had once killed could be saved. He believed in the potential of man’s reason, and he decided to employ ultrasound technology to show the accurate fact that a baby was being dismembered by suction. Once enlightened by this incontrovertible evidence, Dr. Nathanson assumed that rational scientists, medical personnel, politicians, the courts and the public would be appalled at the obvious destruction of a human life and seek to save it.

What happened when emerging neonatal technology revealed indisputable facts about the baby in the womb? Was there a return to rational thinking and reason? Did this change the scientific narrative? Was there widespread repentance amongst evangelicals, who were already complicit in abortions? No! By this time Christians were engaging in the same sexual sins that lead up to abortions. The media continued to parrot the fake science that the tender developing baby was “just a piece of tissue.” Many willfully chose to believe this obvious fraud. But, as Schaeffer noted, “modern man is a mystic” and “irrational” (p. 18). The silent Church was already compromised!

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from PJ Media:

As if we needed more proof that indeed nothing is sacred these days, Newsweek reported that The Salvation Army (SA) is “incorporating Critical Race Theory (CRT)” and using an “anti-racist lens” throughout its organization in order to “analyze and combat racism.” That’s right, the 156-year-old Christian charity known worldwide for its Holiday Red Kettle campaign has gone “woke.”

Recently, the SA launched The International Social Justice Commission to serve as “The Salvation Army’s strategic voice to advocate for human dignity and social justice with the world’s poor and oppressed.” So, what exactly does that mean? That means that even the simple traditional act of charitable holiday giving has been appropriated by the social justice leftists as an opportunity to club white people over the head with racial wokeness.

According to another report, the Commission is “part of a push by the Christian charitable organization to embrace the ideas of Black Lives Matter, an activist group working to, among other things, ‘dismantle white privilege’ and ‘disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.’”

Most concerning is the SA’s Let’s Talk About Racism “resource” that was “developed to guide The Salvation Army family in gracious discussions about overcoming the damage racism has inflicted upon our world.” Included in the resource are social justice “definitions of institutional and systemic racism.” Actual differences in life outcomes or “inequities” are attributed to racism and discrimination “not to individual effort and other circumstances.” Other topics covered in this resource are “police brutality, health care, and black unemployment,” which are linked to so-called “racial inequity.” In other words, the SA has adopted the leftist CRT racial social justice agenda, which holds that all white people are racists whether they admit it or not and all people of color (POCs) are victims of the racism of whites.

Another SA “resource” within the Commission is a “Study Guide on Racism” which says “the subtle nature of racism is such that people who are not consciously racist easily function with the privileges, empowerment, and benefits of the dominant ethnicity, thus unintentionally perpetuating injustice.” SA see racism as being so entrenched in society’s institutions and culture “that people can unintentionally and unwittingly perpetuate racial division.” For example, “a well-intentioned Sunday school curriculum that only uses white photography and imagery” is clearly racist, “systemic, and cruel.”

It’s ironic then that The Salvation Army Mission Statement is still:

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God.

Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

Where in the Bible does it say we should fight racism by turning racist hate against white people in some kind of cosmic quest for justice? It seems to me that the meaning of meeting human needs “without discrimination” has been twisted by the woke social-justice warriors forcing all white people “to assess their present circumstances and work towards just and equal communities” as the leftist think they should be and if that means discriminating against white people, so be it. How is any of that preaching or following the gospel?

On Saturday, Fox News reported the Salvation Army tried to distance itself from the Commission in a statement:

“The Salvation Army is not asking donors to apologize for their skin color, and we do not endorse any philosophy or ideology. Such claims are simply false and injure our ability to fulfill our mission, which is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.”

It’s interesting that SA is now trying to distance itself from the Commission, however, on the Commission’s website it clearly states: “We are part of The Salvation Army’s International Headquarters and our office is based in New York City.” That seems like an endorsement of the Commission’s mission to me.

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from The Most Important News:

Things are starting to get really weird.  What I am about to share with you sounds very strange, but it is all true.  Before I get into it, let me ask you a question.  If you could have a vaccine passport permanently embedded into your hand, would you do it?  Amazingly, some people in Sweden are willingly doing this to themselves.  They are putting microchips that contain their vaccine passport information into their hands, and they are raving about how convenient this is.  You can actually watch a video of this being done to someone right here.  The video is not in English, but you will be able to understand what is happening.

I was absolutely floored when I first watched that.

Do they not understand where this could lead?

Society is increasingly being divided into two classes of people, and the class of people that is willingly conforming is being granted many “privileges” that the other group is being denied.

Many believe that this is “just a phase” and that things will eventually go back to normal.

But the truth is that this is not “just a phase” at all.

For a long time, health authorities were promising us that if we all did exactly what they asked that the pandemic would come to an end.

Unfortunately, now they are openly admitting that COVID is going to be with us permanently

The White House’s chief medical adviser, Anthony Fauci, says it’s unlikely that the Covid-19 coronavirus will ever be wiped out, and insists the world is just going to have to start living with it.

During an interview with CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’ on Sunday, Fauci said he didn’t believe Covid-19 was ever going to entirely go away. He noted that the world had only ever eliminated one infection completely: smallpox.

“We’re going to have to start living with Covid. I believe that’s the case because I don’t think we’re going to eradicate it,” Fauci told CBS.

If we are “going to have to start living with COVID”, that means that all of the infrastructure that they are now putting in place will be with us from now on.

That means that there isn’t going to be an end to the vaccine passports, the mandates or the injections.

In fact, the CEO of Pfizer says that “we’re going to have an annual revaccination”

“I think we’re going to have an annual revaccination and that should be able to keep us really safe.”

You are going to keep getting shots year after year after year in order to keep earning the “privileges” that you have been granted.

How sick is that?

They want to make their authoritarian measures a permanent part of our lives, and this is what our society is going to look like from now on unless we take a stand.

The good news is that some courts here in the United States are starting to reject the mandates that Joe Biden tried to implement.  On Monday, a federal court blocked Biden’s mandate for health care workers in 10 states, and on Tuesday a different court blocked that same mandate on a nationwide basis

A federal court has issued a nationwide injunction protecting health care workers across the country from Joe Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate.

Yesterday, in response to a multi-state lawsuit led by Missouri, a federal court barred the Biden administration from enforcing a vaccine mandate for health care workers in 10 states who are employed at federally-funded health care clinics. That means they doctors and nurses can’t be fired for refusing the COVID vaccine despite Biden’s federal mandate requiring them to get it.

Today, a federal court in Louisiana expanded on that ruling and blocked the vaccine mandate nationwide.

But just because they have a legal setback or two does not mean that they are going to stop trying.

Over in Germany, it is being reported that incoming Chancellor Olaf Scholz wants to impose a vaccine mandate on every single German starting in February

Germany’s incoming Chancellor Olaf Scholz is in favor of introducing mandatory coronavirus vaccination for all Germans as early as February, an official close to Scholz said.

During a crisis meeting Tuesday between the outgoing government of Chancellor Angela Merkel and the premiers of the German federal states, Scholz “signaled his sympathy for such a regulation,” the official told POLITICO.

Such a measure would have to be approved by the German Bundestag, the official said, adding that the mandatory vaccination could come “at the beginning of February.”

Other major industrialized nations are considering similar measures.

If I was living in Germany, I would leave.  Of course the same thing could be said about Australia, New Zealand and a bunch of other countries that have gone in a deeply authoritarian direction.

Once vaccines become mandatory for an entire population, vaccine passports will be absolutely necessary for anyone that still wants to live anything that even resembles a “normal life”.

Whether it is on your phone, on a card that you show or actually embedded in your skin, you will need to take it with you wherever you go in case you are stopped by law enforcement authorities.

Needless to say, all of this sounds eerily similar to what we witnessed back in the 1930s.

The people that are doing this to us have taken their masks off and they are showing us who they really are.

These are such dark times, and I have a feeling that they are about to get a whole lot darker.

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