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from a Little Leaven:

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T.D. Jakes speaks the language of the New Age: “Light” “Change”, “We cannot separate one from the other”, “force”!

It is such a tragedy that there are no Real Prophets in this country who will stand up and speak the Truth.

All of these so called “Spiritual Leaders” stumble to get past each other to fawn over this abominaton!

“I say to you as my son who is here today, my 14-year-old son – he probably would not quote scripture. He probably would use Star Trek instead, and so I say, ‘May the force be with you.”

I know what force he is talking about and its certainly not from God!

What an abomination that “Oneness” Jakes would read Daniel 3:19! Talk about some serious spiritual blindness on Jakes’ part!

Here is the passage:

Daniel 3:19:

 Then Nebuchadnezzar was full of fury, and the expression on his face changed toward Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego. He spoke and commanded that they heat the furnace seven times more than it was usually heated.

These three men were going to be thrown into the furnace for refusing to bow down and worship the golden image that Nebuchadnezzar had erected and had ordered all in his kingdom (Babylon) to bow down and worship or face death!

This passage from Daniel is a key one in pointing forward to modern day humanism (Babylon) and Religious Babylon (Apostate Religion that has attached itself to Babylon)! One that Mr. Obama is a key player in and builder of!

In other Words, Mr. Obama has the same spirit within him (Religious Babylon) that was in Nebuchadnezzar! And that spirit was and is  Satanic! It wanted to then as it does now to direct worship away from the one True God to a false God created in the mind of fallen man (Religious Babylon)!

That T.D. Jakes could actually stand up and seriously abuse God’s Word in this way is a testament to the spiritual blindness this country is in!

from CNN:

After a brief reading from Rabbi David N. Saperstein and a solo singing performance by Yolanda Adams, Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell – Pres. George Bush’s spiritual advisor – introduced the keynote speaker: Bishop T.D. Jakes

Jakes read from Daniel 3:19 and used the scripture to offer PEOTUS a series of four lessons for his administration.

1 – “In time of crisis, good men must stand up. God always sends the best men into the worst times.”

2 – “You cannot change what you will not confront. This is a moment of confrontation in this country. There’s no way around it…This is not a time for politeness or correctness, this is a time for people to confront issues and bring about change.”

3 – “You cannot enjoy the light without enduring the heat. The reality is the more brilliant, the more glorious, the more essential the light, the more intense the heat. We cannot separate one from the other.”

4 – “Extraordinary times require extraordinary methods. This is a historical moment for us and our nation and our country, and though we enjoy it and are inspired by it and motivated by it.” 

After his four lessons, Jakes turned from the crowd and looked directly at Obama.

“The problems are mighty and the solutions are not simple,” Jakes said, “and everywhere you turn there will be a critic waiting to attack every decision that you make. But you are all fired up, Sir, and you are ready to go. And this nation goes with you. God goes with you.

“I say to you as my son who is here today, my 14-year-old son – he probably would not quote scripture. He probably would use Star Trek instead, and so I say, ‘May the force be with you.”

Monsignor William A. Kerr delivered a brief prayer for VPEOTUS and then The Rev. Otis Moss Jr. delivered a blessing for PEOTUS. Moss Jr. said: “Give to president Obama a double measure of faith and hope, and the strength to do justice…Give him the sight to see all that needs to be seen and the insight to look beyond the clouds and chaos of the moment and see great joys and possibilities. Let the house where he lives and serves be a house of hope for the nation, a house of joy and affection for his family, and the house of friendship for all nations. We thank you eternal god, for our new president, president elect Obama.”

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A very Courageous man!

from ChristianNewsWire:

…There shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies…2 Peter 2:1

With the November 4 election of Barack Obama, black preachers have been celebrating across the country. Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder and President of BOND Action, Inc. is rebuking these black preachers for their part in electing the most left-wing presidential candidate in American history:

“Ninety-six percent of black voters supported Barack Obama and the majority of these voters were influenced by black preachers to put race ahead of their country and their faith,” said Rev. Peterson. “How can ministers who are supposed to lead their flock to Jesus Christ instead lead them to a socialist like Obama? The truth is that most black ministers don’t have a real relationship with God and they are leading their congregations to hell. These blind leaders helped elect their black ‘Messiah’. This ‘Messiah’ happens to be the most left-wing member of the U.S. Senate,” said Rev. Peterson.

Here’s where president-elect Obama stands on key issues:

  • Believes in abortion on demand (virtually under any circumstance), and has told Planned Parenthood that sex-ed for kindergartners is ‘the right thing to do’ (as long as it’s ‘age appropriate’);
  • Has promised to repeal the federal Defense of Marriage Act and would allow homosexual ‘marriages’ to be made legal in all 50 states;
  • Would appoint far left activist judges who’d pervert and misinterpret the U.S. Constitution;
  • Has pledged to dismantle ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ in the military. Supports open homosexuality, bisexuality, and transexuality in all military branches, barracks and shower facilities.

This is what influential black ministers said after the Obama election victory:

  • Bishop T.D. Jakes of The Potter’s House church said that Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign “encouraged, validated and gave inspiration to not only the people of the United States of America, but to the people of our world.”
  • At Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist Church, Rev. Calvin Butts invited his congregation to stand up “and give God praise for the election.” Several hundred churchgoers rose as one and cheered, “Yes we can! Yes we can!”
  • Grammy-winning gospel singer, Rev. Shirley Caesar-Williams said, “Too long we’ve been at the bottom of the totem pole, but he [Obama] has vindicated us, hallelujah.”
  • Rev. John L. Lambert, Bethel AME Church in Indianapolis, “If ever there was an answer to ‘who cometh to our help?’ that was the answer…Look at what God has done.”
  • At Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Rev. Otis Moss, III, said history would note that Trinity was the holy place where “God stirred a young man’s soul and put him on the path to the presidency.” 

Rev. Peterson added: “For the past eighteen years I’ve said that most black preachers are not called by God, but instead are called by their mammas. If there was ever a time that this was the case, that time is now. In order for black Americans to turn around, they must drop their anger, and find the truth within themselves, not from corrupt, racist preachers or from a false black Messiah.”

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“I think in the eagerness to protect the right to life issues, there were some things said, not about that issue, that were not always fair and that were insensitive that need to be rethought,” said Bishop T.D. Jakes . . . .

I would love to see black and white Christians find common ground, and a deeper understanding of each other’s needs.” . . . .

An “eagerness to protect right to life issues”?!?!?! Shouldn’t T.D. Jakes as a supposed man of God been over eager for that issue?

If T.D. Jakes cannot understand as a supposed “Bishop” that there were other very fundamental Biblical reasons even beyond Obama’s horrific stance on abortion for why Christians should have rejected Barack Obama then he shows once again why T.D. Jakes himself should be avoided by all Christians.

This statement by T.D. Jakes continues to show his slide into abject apostasy, along with his “Oneness” Theology, his back tracking on Jesus being on the only way to Heaven and his softness on Homosexuality!

Avoid T.D. Jakes!

I applaud those African-American Pastors and Christian Leaders who stuck their necks out and spoke the truth about Barack Obama! The ones who let their Christian light shine no matter the persecution they faced from other African-American’s for not voting based on race alone!

I also applaud those European-Americans who spoke the truth about John McCain, and refused to allow race to be the decider for them as well. Who did not let the “lesser of Two Evils” straw man argument force them into silence over John McCains anti-Biblical views!

We are in perilious times and it is sad that many Christians are allowing culture to trump their Christian faith in their decisions!

As Jesus said:

Matthew 10:32-33 “Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven.   But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven. 

from The Associated Press:

The barrier-crossing election of Barack Obama did little to bridge the deep racial divide in American churches. In fact, some clergy say it has only served to underscore their differences.

While nonwhite Christians voted overwhelmingly for Obama, most white Christians backed John McCain, according to exit polls. Several black clergy said that criticism of Obama by some white Christians over his religious beliefs and support for abortion rights crossed the line, hurting longtime efforts to reconcile their communities.

“I think in the eagerness to protect the right to life issues, there were some things said, not about that issue, that were not always fair and that were insensitive that need to be rethought,” said Bishop T.D. Jakes, a prominent African-American pastor and founder of The Potter’s House, a theologically conservative megachurch in Dallas. “I would love to see black and white Christians find common ground, and a deeper understanding of each other’s needs.”

The Rev. Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the denomination’s flagship school, said white evangelicals backed McCain because of his opposition to abortion rights, not because of the race of either candidate.

“White conservative evangelicals, not just in this election, but in many successive cycles, tended to vote on the basis of moral issues,” Mohler said. “Those evangelicals will still join in celebrating, very eagerly, that America has elected an African-American president and see it as a cause for celebration and recognize its deep spiritual significance.”

According to Associated Press exit polls, 34 percent of white Protestants voted for Obama, while 65 percent went with McCain. Obama won the overall Roman Catholic vote, but white Catholics backed McCain by a slim majority, 52 percent to 47 percent. Among white Christians, the racial gap was most pronounced with evangelicals: 74 percent backed McCain, 24 percent backed Obama.

The pattern is not new and fits the larger trend of white voters overall, the majority of whom voted for McCain. Even so, white Christians were still part of Obama’s winning coalition, drawing millions of their votes. However, the racial gaps stood out at a time when African-American churchgoers exulted in the historic first of Obama’s victory.

“The contrast between the white religious community and the nonwhite religious community … is particularly strong this year,” said John Green, an expert on religion and politics and senior fellow at the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

White conservative Christians are more concerned than ever about reaching out to minorities, particularly as immigration has led to what some call the “browning” of American Christianity. Right now, nearly all U.S. churches serve a single ethnic group.

While white and black Christian conservatives generally share an opposition to abortion rights and gay marriage, they often split over how to end social ills such as poverty and crime.

But the rhetoric this year went beyond the usual differences over worldview, said Derrick W. Hutchins, a leader in the Church of God in Christ. The predominantly African-American group is Pentecostal and one of the largest denomination’s in the country.

Hutchins was angered by repeated accusations that he and other black theological conservatives had abandoned their religious beliefs simply to vote for an African-American. The claims came not only from white Christians, but also from some blacks who backed McCain.

“What they did is insult our biblical understanding,” said Hutchins, who voted for Obama and has backed Democrats in past presidential elections. “The white religious right-wing determined that if you didn’t vote for McCain, you were not meeting a standard of the Bible.”

The Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell, an African-American Methodist pastor from Houston, said that some white Christian conservatives had helped fuel false rumors that Obama was Muslim, by questioning whether he was truly Christian and calling his support for abortion rights “demonic” and “diabolical.”

Caldwell, an Obama supporter who backed President Bush in the past two elections, said other candidates have diverged dramatically from Christian teachings in their policies and personal lives and have not been maligned as Obama has.

“Some members of the Christian community want to label him as the anti-Christ,” said Caldwell. “What has he done to deserve that label, when none of his predecessors are so characterized?”

But Bishop Harry Jackson, an African-American pastor of Hope Christian Church in Washington, D.C., and a McCain supporter, said questions about Obama’s more liberal reading of Scripture was fair game. Jackson noted that Obama became an observant Christian through the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, former pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Videos of Wright’s sermons that circulated widely earlier this year showed him cursing the government and accusing it of conspiring against blacks. Obama eventually left the church.

“Many, many people question whether Barack Obama had been under a legitimate Christian leadership figure,” Jackson said. “I personally never ascribed any vitriolic character assassination to it.”

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