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This article should wake people up to the real agenda of Atheist Enviro-whacko’s! Population control and genocide! When you fall for the irrational lie of Evolution and Atheism this is where those belief systems end up:

From The Oregonian:

Halt baby booms with mandatory global birth control

Regarding the “bounty of babies” (Dec. 15), nothing could be more irresponsible — even disgusting — than superimposing a baby boom on top of our global warming crisis. That’s more gasoline on the fire.

It’s incredible that so few understand and are alarmed by the very high probability that humans will very soon be extinct if we don’t greatly reduce the number of people depending on the planet’s limited life-support systems.

The United Nations’ conclusion that “only urgent global action will do” in dealing with climate change (Nov. 18) is sobering indeed. But since human activity is the primary cause, the solution is a right-in-our-face no-brainer: Reduce human activity! And do it now, with aggressive, mandatory, global birth control! That’s clearly a quick, no-nonsense, low-cost solution.

Just as vaccinations are mandatory for the world’s most dreaded diseases, we must now have mandatory worldwide birth control until humans, in excessive numbers, are no longer a threat to our planet’s health. An analogy: When parasites infest an animal until it dies they simply find another host. Like blind fools, we’re doing the same thing to our planet with overpopulation, which, like a biblical plague, is consuming and contaminating all of our life-support systems at an alarming rate.

Implementing and enforcing such a plan will give the U.N. the best opportunity it has ever had to prove it is not only united, but actually good for something substantial by solving what promises to be a challenge so large that it may dwarf man’s efforts in space.

Life on Earth could be truly beautiful for all living things if there weren’t so many humans competing for all the good things it has to offer. With mandatory birth control, millions would no longer have to die horrible deaths from poverty, starvation and famine-caused diseases.

Frankly, it’s impossible for China, India and third-world countries to lift their multitudes out of poverty with commerce, as they are now striving to do, which worsens our climate problem. It must be done with aggressive birth control.

In spite of man’s many bad habits, the Earth could tolerate a limited number of us and still be healthy. Reducing our count to that magic number will be a big job, as big as any of NASA’s projects. But it will be easier than trying to change the basic nature of human beings, especially our amazing and voracious propensity to consume and contaminate. And it will be the most tangible, direct and cheapest way to solve the global warming problem.

Without question, large families must now be taboo. Of course there will be fierce opposition to mandatory birth control on several fronts of self-interest, the Vatican being one. But are we going to be serious about saving mankind? There’s no time left for arguing.

If we fail to save ourselves — the planet will get along just fine without us — the last days will be the darkest imaginable, with humans doing horribly unspeakable things to each other in their desperate struggle to survive.

Michael Niflis is a retired high school teacher living in Tillamook.

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From Christian Post:

WASHINGTON – A provocative film to be released next year is uncovering a conspiracy among educators to “expel” professors who question Darwinism.

Highly acclaimed professors have lost their jobs, been denied tenure, and rejected of subsequent teaching positions for raising questions on Darwin’s theory of evolution, said speakers at a promotional event this week for the film ”Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” featuring Ben Stein.

“Soon after I lost my job at George Mason [University] for questioning Darwinism, I was working at Northern Virginia Community College,” said biology professor Caroline Crocker, who is featured in “Expelled,” on Tuesday

“I overheard the administrator (at NVCC) saying to my supervisor that she should get rid of me,” Crocker recalled at the event hosted by the Family Research Council. “I made her life easy and said I found another job.”

But Crocker continued to face persecution in subsequent jobs with bosses telling her they ran out of money after she worked a year, even though they had an NIH (National Institute of Health) grant.

“I was offered three or four jobs after many applications. Every one of them after being offered at the interview the job, within two weeks I was phoned and told that there is no money for this position,” the biology professor recalled.

“I thought it was a little strange that they had money to advertise and to interview but didn’t actually have the money for the position,” she noted. “Since then I was told by someone at the NIH, ‘Don’t bother, you’re blacklisted.’ That is what he told me, but I don’t know if it’s true.”

In defense, Crocker denies teaching creationism at George Mason University. Rather, she contends that she taught only one lecture on the evidence for and against evolution and did not even mention creationism.

“What I really wanted to do was in an intellectually honest manner give the evidence for evolution, but also the question about evolution – the scientific critiques – that’s all I did,” Crocker said.

She has not been able to find a lawyer to represent her against George Mason since her first lawyer dropped her case.

In response to cases such as Crocker’s, ”Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” highlights the long-standing controversial debate between supporters of Darwinism and supporters of Intelligent Design, which argues that the creation of life and the universe are results of an intelligent “designer” and not by chance as the former theory suggests.

Through interviews with both Intelligent Design and Darwinian Evolution proponents, the movie is said to expose “the intimidation, persecution and career destruction that takes place when any scientist dares dissent from the view that all life on earth is the mere result of random mutation and natural selection,’” according to the film’s producers.

“There are people out there who want to keep science in a little box where it can’t possibly touch God,” said Stein in the film’s trailer. “Scientists are not even allowed to think thoughts that involve an intelligent creator.”

Executive producer Walt Ruloff said, “When our audience sees the stories of the real victims of scientific malpractice they’re going to be outraged.”

Todd Nordquist, the community liaison at the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute, also spoke at the event about the battle of worldviews where currently scientific materialism dominates.

An “Expelled Road Show Tour” is currently underway and is scheduled to hit 40 college campuses across the country by the film’s February 2008 release date.

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