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from The Discernment Research Group:

2012 will be a year of the release of heavenly authority to many who have turned from religion to the reality of life in God.
The enemy was in the garden with Adam and Eve but was completely powerless until he deceived Eve and then Adam. The devil must deceive human beings to usurp the authority given to mankind to rule in the world. To usurp our authority, he must separate us from the reality of life with God and entice us to follow him. The more he can make his false religion look like the reality of life in God, the more easily he can deceive people into following him and releasing their God-given authority to rule in this world.
“ [T] he manifest presence of God will lovingly bond together and prepare His people to endure the hard times immediately ahead and to eventually plant the kingdom of God solidly into the entire world.
Beyond the season of devastation, in another season to come, the fullness that is developing under cover will be released into the world. The clearing and the deep plowing of the land of this world will leave little to none of the previous world order and fully prepare the soil of this world to receive the seed of the kingdom planted by the prepared people of God. The Bride City of God will become a reality on earth.[1]

This above quotation from the December 1st newsletter released by Ron McGatllin, whose own apostolic network is working alongside C. Peter Wagner’s New Apostolic Reformation, who takes a classic Dominionist position that Satan’s deception in the Garden of Eden was a matter of keeping the church from ruling the world – thereby thwarting the church’s divine destiny and purpose. The Dominionist strategy is to re-take the world via any vehicle upon which they can hitch a ride – community and civic involvement, peace promotion, political and social action, cultural and worldview change, societal engineering, corporate and philanthropic endeavors, partnerships and collaborations with global entities, etc. These methods for achieving Dominion are often called “spiritual warfare.” Additionally, various forms of esoteric, hyper-spiritual altered-state-of-consciousness activities, are practiced within the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR/IHOP) Dominionist camp under the term “spiritual warfare.”

In his most recent newsletter McGatlin, like an increasing number of New Age/NAR/IHOP and evangelical leaders, is giving credence to the significance of the year 2012. Under his brand of eschatology, the “Bride of Christ” is to “manifest the presence of God” and “eventually plant the kingdom of God” on earth. In this worldview, spiritual warfare it something that is waged against external threats to the church. Lip service may be given to traditional understandings about resisting sin, but the over-riding Dominionist principle of spiritual warfare is based on the heretical premise that enemies of the Lord (however this is defined by various groups) must be conquered and ruled over, including ultimately sin and death. This, of course, negates the necessity of Christ’s salvation, His shed blood for our sins on the cross. Dominion becomes a method of reversing the effects of the curse. . . . . . .

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The Roman Catholic Church is nothing more than a man made corporation, and it functions like one. The Pope being its CEO. It has absolutely no relation at all to Biblical Christianity. The references below to how the Cahtolic Church has handled this epiosode is reminiscent of the “Whore of Babylon” in Revelation Chapter 17 & 18

from Ynet News:

It has been five years since the Pope gave his controversial lectio about Islam at the German University of Regensburg. On September 12th, 2006, Joseph Ratzinger claimed that the god of the Muslims is both transcendental and unreasonable and he severely condemned jihad and the use of violence in the name of Koran. It was the only public event in which a Pope told the truth about some aspects of Islamic religion.

Benedict XVI made himself a central player in the post-9/11 era: His speech against the link between religion and violence, typical of Islam today,
was not a mistake or a false step, as some observers wrote at that time. It was, rather, a vigorous attack against certain aspects of Islamic fanaticism.

The reaction to the Pope’s speech was a familiar spectacle: Threats, riots, and violence. From the religious leaders in Muslim majority countries to the New York Times, all demanded the Pope’s apologies. In the Palestinian areas, churches were attacked and Christians targeted. In the Somali capital, Mogadishu, an Italian nun was executed. In Iraq, Amer Iskander, a Syrian Orthodox priest, was beheaded and his arms mutilated.

In Islamic forums, Ratzinger was depicted like Dracula. He received many death threats: “Slaughter him”, “pig servant of the cross”, “odious evil”,
“Allah curse him”, “vampire who sucks blood” and so on. The highest Islamic representative in Turkey, Ali Bardakoglu, declared that Ratzinger’s speech was “full of enmity and hatred.” The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood pledged “reactions worst of those against the Danish cartoons”.

Iran’s Supreme Ayatollah, Ali Khamenei, accused the Pope of being part of “the conspiracy of the Crusaders.” Under pressure, and aiming to stop any further violence, the Pope apologized.

Benedict XVI recently visited again his native Germany, but this time with a different agenda. Five years later, the Vatican adopted a pro-Islam course and has capitulated to fundamentalists. In a recent book written by German journalist Peter Sewald, Pope Ratzinger expressed “regrets” about the Regensburg lecture. The Vatican’s Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone, buried the Pope’s lesson about Islam as “an archaeological relic.”

“The default positions vis-à-vis militant Islam are now unhappily reminiscent of Vatican diplomacy’s default positions vis-à-vis communism during the last 25 years of the Cold War,” writes George Weigel, a leading US writer about the Vatican. The Vatican’s new agenda seeks “to reach political accommodations with Islamic states and foreswear forceful public condemnation of Islamist and jihadist ideology.”

Appeasement agenda

After Regensburg, the Vatican adopted an appeasement agenda. Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, who is known for having a pro-Islam position, was appointed by the Pope as the head of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue.

Indeed, Dialogue with Iran’s mullahs is pivotal in the new Vatican agenda. Recently, a delegation of clergy members of Iran’s Islamic Consultative Assembly visited the Vatican, meeting with top Catholic officials.

In June, the Vatican sent Archbishop Edmond Farhat, who is the official representative of Vatican politics, to Tehran to attend an “international
conference on the global campaign against terrorism.” Last autumn, Vatican representatives met with Muslim leaders from around the world in Tehran for “a three-day interreligious dialogue.” In Tehran Cardinal Tauran praised Iran’s “spirit of cordiality” and “the friendly Ahmadinejad.”

Last month, the Vatican published a letter written by Tauran, addressing his “Dear Muslim friends.” In the letter, Tauran asked for Islamic help to form an alliance against atheism.

In 2008, the Vatican promoted “Love of God, Love of Neighbor,” the first three-day forum with Islamic leaders. The Pope agreed to meet one the most dangerous Islamist in the Western world, the grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna, Tariq Ramadan – the Swiss scholar who denies Israel’s right to life and who has been banned from entering the US because of his alleged association with extremists.

Last May, Bishop Mariano Crociata, secretary general of the Italian Episcopal Conference, announced that the Vatican is in favor of building new mosques in Europe. A month later the European Bishops met with European Muslims in Turin (Cardinal Tauran was also present) to proclaim the need for the “progressive enculturation of Islam in Europe.”

In Rimini, a seaside resort on the Adriatic coast, the Comunione e Liberazione movement, one of the most powerful in the Catholic Church, holds its massive annual “meeting” that usually draws some 700,000 people. The Catholic movement last month hosted the president of Al Azhar, the most important Islamic university in Cairo, and a senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, despite the fact that for the first time the US Commission on Religious Freedom recommended that Egypt be placed on a list of the “worst of the worst” countries for persecution of Christians.

Targeting Israel

The State of Israel is easily expendable in the new pro-Islam policy. In January 2009, thousands of Muslims marched in front of Milan’s Duomo to protest against Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. They burned Israeli flags and chanted anti-Jewish slogans. Joaquin Navarro-Valls, John Paul II’s spokesman for 22 years, defended the “freedom of expression” of the Muslims who burned the Star of David.

Months later, Pope Benedict visited Bethlehem, where the Christian population has dropped from a majority to less than 20%. Benedict delivered a message of solidarity to the 1.4 million Palestinians isolated in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. He said nothing of the suffering of Gaza’s 3,000
Christians since Hamas took over that territory in 2007.

Benedict could have decried the bombings, shootings and other Islamist attacks against Gaza Christian establishments, the brutal murder of the only Bible-store owner of Gaza, or the regular intimidation and persecution of Christians there. Instead, the Pope stood beside Mahmoud Abbas as the Palestinian leader deceptively pointed to a concrete separation barrier in Bethlehem and blamed that barrier, as well as Israeli occupation,” for the plight of Christians.

A few weeks later, the United Nations ran “Durban II” and on the first day of the conference, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the only head of state to attend, made a speech condemning Israel as “totally racist” and referred to the Holocaust as an “ambiguous and dubious question.” When Ahmadinejad began to speak against the Jews, all European Union delegates left the conference room. The Vatican delegation didn’t say a word.

To understand the new Vatican’s approach toward Islam, one should also read what happened in the historical synod on the Middle East hosted by the Pope last autumn. Nothing was said about Islamist persecution of Christians; indeed, every effort was made to show the Catholic Church’s sympathy to Muslim grievances, especially against “Zionism” – a word evoked as a symbol of evil.

Aside from Iraq, the only country singled out for criticism in the Middle East was Israel. Patriarch Antonios Naguib of the Egyptian Coptic church, who was the “relator,” or secretary, of the synod, expressed “solidarity with the Palestinian people, whose situation today is particularly conducive to the rise of fundamentalism.” The lesson was simple: Islamism is the consequence of Israeli policies. The synod was carefully prepared for a year, and it produced a rash of radical anti-Jewish statements on both political and theological issues.

Ethnic cleansing silenced

The rightful concern of the Vatican for co-religionists has also been silenced. Intimidation, thuggery and violence have succeeded in turning away
criticism not only of Islam, but of violence committed in the name of Islam against Christians.

Over the past several years, Christians have endured bombings, murders, assassinations, torture, imprisonment and expulsions. The very roots of the Christian heritage in the Middle East are being extirpated. When last winter Christians were killed in Egypt, Cardinal Tauran and the Vatican foreign office requested to “avoid anger” and downplayed the Islamist role in the butchering.

In the summer of 2010, Bishop Luigi Padovese, Vatican vicar for Anatolia and president of the Catholic Episcopal conference of Turkey, was slaughtered by Islamic fanatics in Iskenderun on the eve of the Pope’s trip to Cyprus. Vatican diplomacy did its part to convince the Pope to immediately and preemptively rule out the idea that this was a “political or religious” murder.

Elsewhere, the number of Christians in Turkey declined from two million to 85,000; in Syria, from half the population they have been reduced to 4%; in Jordan, from 18% to 2%; nearly two-thirds of the 500,000 Christians in Baghdad have fled or been killed; in Lebanon, Christians have dwindled to a sectarian rump, menaced by surging Shiite and Sunni populations, and in Saudi Arabia Christians have been beaten or tortured by religious police.

It’s an ethnic cleansing of monumental proportions that makes it clear why the Vatican’s submission to political Islam, along with its religious anti-Israel stance, will be remembered as one of the greatest moral failings of the 21st Century

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from Herescope:

by  Pastor Anton Bosch

One of the non-negotiable essentials of orthodox Christianity has always been the completeness of Scripture. By completeness we mean that the Bible (66 books) is the complete and final revelation of God to man. Nothing is to be added to the Scriptures, nothing is to be taken away from it, and nothing is to be placed above, or next to it (in authority or priority). The Bible stands on its own, is complete, and is the final measure by which every other doctrine, statement, creed or revelation is to be judged.

Over the centuries various groups have strayed from the principle of the completeness of Scripture. Most notably the Roman Church places the Apocrypha, the Magisterium, Canon Law, the Ex Cathedra statements of the Pope and a bunch of other stuff at the same level, or higher than Scripture.

One of the things that most cults have in common is that they all have their books, prophecies, and teachings that are equal to, or that supersede, the Bible.

Some historic churches hold their traditions, creeds and council decisions as equal to Scripture. Many also believe the teachings of deceased teachers above God’s Word. Most (not all) Charismatic and Pentecostal churches place prophecy, visions, revelations,  experiences, and the teaching of special gifted leaders (often called apostles or prophets), above the Bible.

This is an old problem, but it has recently been escalating to new levels. Many evangelicals who previously held to the completeness, inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture are abandoning those truths.

Others who previously would have denied that they add to Scripture now openly and boldly defend their move beyond Scripture. I quote two examples: C Peter Wagner is the “grand-apostle” and “founder” of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) which now embraces almost all Charismatics and Pentecostals and a huge portion of Evangelicalism. According to Wagner “…the NAR embraces the largest non-Catholic segment of world Christianity. It is also the fastest growing segment, the only segment of Christianity currently growing faster than the world population…”[i]

Wagner therefore represents a huge portion of modern Christendom and has in the last week openly stated that the NAR rejects the completeness of Scripture: “Some object to the notion that God communicates directly with us, supposing that everything that God wanted to reveal He revealed in the Bible. This cannot be true, however… He also reveals new things to prophets…” He continues to say that he does not believe that the Bible is complete in its 66 books, and that all this new revelation supplements what is written in the Bible[ii].

Tom Horn is one of the writers and teachers that has taken the church world by storm with his wild speculations about mutant life forms in the Old Testament, alien visits and abductions, as well as all sorts of fantastical science fiction sold as new Christian revelation (sounds very similar to Scientology – and it is). In addition to his own wild imagination and twisted use of Scripture, Horn has based many of his doctrines on apocryphal books as well as astrology. He strongly defends his use of extra-biblical sources and many evangelical Christians agree with him. He is endorsed by many Evangelical pastors and leaders.

These are but two of dozens, if not hundreds, of examples of “Christian” leaders rejecting the truth that the Bible is complete and closed.

So, is the Bible complete? Does God continue to reveal new truths that were not revealed to the holy men who were moved by the Holy Spirit to produce the Scriptures (2Peter 1:21)?

Well, we need to examine the Bible’s testimony in this regard. Hebrews 1:1-2 says: “God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son.” These verses deal with three aspects of God’s speaking: The agents through whom God spoke, the method God used to speak, and the timing of when God spoke.

God spoke to the fathers in the Old Testament through prophets who acted as mouthpieces for God. But the text clearly says that that has changed. God is no longer speaking through prophets but through His Son. Yes, God still uses people to expound His Word and to speak to His people but all man can, and should say, is repeat what God has already said. For that reason, Paul goes to great lengths to prove that his writings are the things Jesus Christ told him to write (Galatians 1:12, 1Corinthians 11:23, 1Corinthians 15;3 etc.). John does the same in 1John 1:1-5,
Revelation 1:1-2 etc. And so does Peter in 2Peter 1:16ff.

Those who claim that God still uses prophets like He did in the Old Testament clearly are dissatisfied with God only speaking through His Son (in the New Testament) and want to return to the Old Testament when He spoke through prophets.

Hebrews announces that God no longer speaks through men, but through His Son; and also that the way in which God speaks (the method) has changed. It says that in the Old Testament God spoke in various ways. He spoke through thunder and lightning, a donkey, visions, dreams, prophets (good and bad), through signs, types, angels and so on. He even wrote on tables of stone and on a wall. But He has now reduced all those different methods down to one single means: His Son.

Please note, this is not my opinion, but is clearly and obviously what the text teaches. Once again, to insist that today God continues to speak through the methods of the Old Testament, is to reject the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thirdly the text speaks to timing. It says that God spoke at “various times.” Various times refers to the fact that not one of the OT prophets received a full revelation. Each one received a piece of the total revelation and God spoke sporadically. Sometimes there were a number of prophets all speaking at the same time and at other times God was silent for long periods of time. But this is contrasted with the fact that He has spoken through Jesus Christ and that in Christ we have the full and final revelation of God’s message to man. Once again note that the text is drawing a clear contrast between a partial and sporadic revelation and a once for all, full and final, revelation.

Now look at the grammar. In the Greek the words “God… has… spoken” is in the first aorist indicative. Aorist marks a completed, one-point action. The verse is correctly translated into the past perfect in English. God is not still speaking he HAS spoken. He is done, He does not continue – He has spoken.

So to suggest that God continues to speak and give more revelation is a clear contradiction of Hebrews 1:1-2. Yes, we talk about God speaking through the sermon, some experience or His Spirit. If we mean He is reminding us of what has been said through Jesus Christ, we are correct. If we mean he is telling us new things that are not written in the 66 books, we are misled and hearing some other voice that is not His.

be continued….

The Truth:

For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty.” (2 Peter 1:16)

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from WorldViewWeekend:

Perry’s “The Response” is over and now some pro-family and evangelical leaders that were involved in this unbiblical rally are trying to convince Christians that those who warned against the event were wrong. If I was wrong then the Bible is wrong and I can promise you the Bible is not wrong!

The New Apostolic Reformation, International House of Prayer, and Word of Faith false teachers were involved in the event and that is what made the entire event unbiblical.(2 Corinthians 6:14, 2 John 9-11). People can claim Jesus was exalted but Jesus is never exalted when people disobey His Word and give credibility to false teachers.

Even if John MacArthur, Alistair Begg, Jimmy DeYoung, Erwin Lutzer, and other great Bible teachers were speaking at The Response, it would have still been an unbiblical event. The reason respected Bible teachers were NOT in attendance is because I believe they understood that uniting with and giving credibility to false teachers is a clear violation of Scripture. Romans 16:17-18: 

Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses, contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and avoid them. For those who are such do not serve our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly, and by smooth words and flattering speech deceive the hearts of the simple. 

I believe many of our pro-family and “evangelical” leaders are indeed simpletons and were deceived by the “smooth words and flattering speech” of the New Apostolic Reformation and Word of Faith leaders.

The little word simple of the Hebrew language is real concrete, not abstract like Greek. Simple comes from a root word that means an open door. And a simple-minded person was somebody whose mind was always open… the simpleton was the person who had not enough discernment or discrimination or knowledge or understanding or wisdom to know what to accept and what to reject. And the Word of God will teach you how to close the door. It will teach you how to be wise. Wise is chakam in Hebrew, it means skilled in all aspects of living. 

On my radio program, I have been pointing out the “Emergence of the New Religious Right”. I call it the “emergence” because many of the Emergent Church ideas have come into the New Religious Right (NRR) and many in the New Religious Right are working openly with members of the Emergent Church, New Apostolic Reformation and Word of Faith movement. . . . . .

I also call this new generation of pro-family leaders the “New Religious Right” because I do not believe that many of the now deceased leaders of the religious right from the 1970s and 1980s would agree with the theological and doctrinal compromise of many of the leaders of today’s “New Religious Right”

In fact, on my radio program on August 3, 2011, Dr. Tommy Ice revealed how the religious right was formed during the presidency of Jimmy Carter with leaders like Jerry Falwell, Adrian Rogers, and Dr. D. James Kennedy. Tommy also revealed that his friend Jerry Falwell preached a sermon one month before his death on the dangers of the Emergent Church. On my radio program, Dr. Ice stated that at the conclusion of Falwell’s sermon he approached Falwell to thank him for his sermon. Dr. Ice reported that Falwell told him, and Mrs. Ice, that he was going to break ties with Pastor Rick Warren as he believed that Warren was embracing many of the ideas of the Emergent Church.

For this and other reasons, I believe that if Dr. D. James Kennedy, Jerry Falwell and Dr. Adrian Rogers were alive today, they would not enter into spiritual enterprises with members of the Emergent Church, the Word of Faith and the New Apostolic Reformation.

Even the secular media is noticing this emergence of the New Religious Right. On July 21, 2011, Business Insider reported

As mainstream evangelical influence wanes, however, the New Apostolic Reformation is gaining broader acceptance among conservative Christians. The Response, whose endorsers also include more mainstream fundamentalists, is evidence of the New Apostles’ emerging influence – and of its leaders growing appetite for political power. Here’s what you need to know about the fastest-growing religious movement you’ve never heard of.

I have many examples of the converging that is occurring between the religious right, the New Apostolic Reformation, the Word of Faith and the Emergent Church leaders that has resulted in the emergence of a New Religious Right. However, for this article, I am going to focus on one example of this convergence.

On the website of Governor Perry’s The Response, one of the honorary chairmen listed was Samuel Rodriquez. According to the website of “Come Let us Reason”, Rodriquez was part of the “Third Way’s” efforts to bring “evangelicals and progressives” together through the drafting of “Come Let us Reason Together: A Fresh Look at Shared Cultural Values Between Evangelicals and Progressives”.

 Where does the idea of “third way” originate? This idea derives from the belief system of philosophers such as Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and finds its contemporary manifestation in the “Third Way” movement of today’s progressives.  In the Third Way, capitalism, socialism, and communism merge to form a misanthropic combination of the three. This blending is now represented in the terms “the New World Order” and “the new enlightenment.”

 I doubt the leadership of the New Religious Right has even heard of the Hegelian Dialectic Process. Do you think they know that as far back as 1953, it was revealed in U.S. Congressional hearings that the socialists had infiltrated the churches and religious organizations in order to transform America from within? This tactic was also expressed by Saul “the red” Alinsky.  . . . . . .

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from Understand the Times:

And thou, son of man, be not afraid of them, neither be afraid of their words, though briers and thorns with thee, and thou dost dwell among scorpions: be not afraid of their words, nor be dismayed at their looks, though they a rebellious house. And thou shalt speak my words unto them, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear: for the most rebellious (Ezekiel 2: 6-7).

David Barton has become one of the poster boys for a number of well-known evangelical organizations who seem to have lost discernment. The reason this is important is that the church is being deceived.  Also, this is part of the Roman Catholic Plan to establish the kingdom here on earth in the name of Jesus without Jesus as the head. Of course, the pope will be the head -instead.

In so doing, those who once believed the Bible and taught about apostasy have lost their way, lost sight of the gospel according to the scriptures and are now part of the problem rather than the solution. This is very sad, especially when the leaders of these of organizations have been warned. They did not listen.

Worse yet, there is the Tony Blair-Rick Warren connection with Rome and the Peace Plan. While the PEACE Plan is being developed for the world, another Peace Plan is being developed for the Middle East that you can read about in the Bible.

Further, a large percentage of what was once evangelical Christianity has now been sucked into Peter Drucker’s 666 plan. This is amazing and has been accomplished through the Rick Warren- Three- Legged- Stool- Plan.

Still few get it.

When someone warns about this coming spiritual disaster they are looked upon as ignorant and out of touch with the good things God is doing through Brother Rick Warren and Brother Tony Blair. What people don’t know, is that this plan is put into place by those here on earth that are working for the god of this world and setting up the Last Days Delusion. When someone is in a delusion, they obviously don’t know it or they would not be in the delusion.

Get ready! The Great Delusion is not here yet. More is coming. You have not seen anything yet.

The video clips below must be watched to protect yourself from the lie . . . .

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“The god of the average American church is not the God of the Bible. This god has an over-inflated and distorted sense of love, does not bring harsh judgments upon sinners, is never offensive to anyone regardless of their teachings or lifestyle, openly accepts sin, and is offended by the idea that he is sovereign over creation. He wants you to have a better marriage, a better job, a bigger car, and above all, he wants you to think he’s cool.”

from ZONICA:

His words took me by surprise. They were all at once a kind compliment and a stunning rebuke. He walked up to our booth at the conference and said, “Wes, I really enjoyed your session this afternoon. You know, of all the seminars I’ve attended at this conference, you’re the only who actually taught out of the Bible.”

Yes, you read that right. It was a Christian conference in the Midwest. There were probably a thousand people there and a hundred or more breakout sessions over the two day event.

This wasn’t the first time this had happened to me. A few months ago I had a similar situation at another Christian conference. Again, I did several breakouts over the three day event. After my last session, which was the last speaking event of the conference, a man walked up to me and said, “That was the best talk of the entire conference. You actually quoted the Bible.”

A Devastating Trend

Across much of evangelical Christianity in America the Bible has become a secondary or non-existent source of teaching. In many places, it isn’t even referenced at all on Sunday morning. In others, a verse may be quoted to start the message, but then the rest of the time is filled with a solid dose of the pastor’s “wisdom,” either from his vast “experience” or his scholarly “learning” at some quasi-pagan seminary.

Still other churches, who claim to be “Bible-based,” avoid many of the major teachings of Scripture for fear they will offend our oh-so-sensitive culture. They’re playing the marketing game, and the total teachings of Scripture just don’t fill the seats.

And then you have those who take the Bible and distort it to accomplish their own ends, namely, building self-help clinics for personal profit.

Across the nation, the Bible is becoming less and less a part of the life of the Christian church. We are quick to rail against the Catholics, Mormons, or Jehovah’s Witnesses for using another authority for their teaching (that is, a source of teaching other than the Bible itself), but we so conveniently overlook the fact that we do the same every day.

American Christians don’t know the Bible. They know what they’ve heard on Sunday morning for years or what they think the Bible says based on their own reasoning or ideas. But the true teachings of Scripture are far from their minds and lips. Let me give you another example.

A couple of times a year a new book will sweep through the church and create a great stir. Everybody will be talking about it, and many churches will quickly put their congregations through it. “This will revive your church!” they say. “This will revolutionize your ministry!” they proudly claim. But invariably, when I pick up the book myself, I’m often left thinking, “What’s so new and revolutionary about this book? This is taught all over Scripture. Our people should already know this!”

The content of the books we rave about is content we should have learned a long time ago. And not from some new release by Zondervan or Nelson, but from the Bible itself! What we need to revive our churches and revolutionize our ministries is not another book by some clever Christian pundit, but the Word of Almighty God Himself.

One of the Major Problems for the American Church

Our churches are a mess; we’re full of sin, self-centeredness, compromise, and conflict. Most churches are failing, and most of our youth are leaving. We’re in deep trouble to say the least. However, the main cause of our troubles is not the atheists, the ACLU, the Supreme Court, or the administration in Washington (as we so like to believe); the main cause is our shallow knowledge of the Word of God.

As we face our difficulties—like overcoming sin, standing against compromise, and finding victory in conflict—we no longer have the wisdom of God to guide and instruct us. We’re left with our own wisdom, and it always fails us.

But there’s another terrible consequence of marginalizing the Bible in the life and teaching of the church: Over time we become idolaters.

In biblical times, and in fact in many places around the world today, idols were formed by taking something from creation (a tree, a rock, a bar of iron), shaping it into an image, and then ascribing to that image the characteristics of the god desired.

But today, in modern American Christianity, we have put a new twist on creating idols. We take the God of the Bible, the true God, pull Him down from heaven, and remake Him into the god both we and our politically correct culture will accept.

The god of the average American church is not the God of the Bible. This god has an over-inflated and distorted sense of love, does not bring harsh judgments upon sinners, is never offensive to anyone regardless of their teachings or lifestyle, openly accepts sin, and is offended by the idea that he is sovereign over creation. He wants you to have a better marriage, a better job, a bigger car, and above all, he wants you to think he’s cool. . . . .

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What really bothers me about these false prof$ts is they act as if God’s Word / God’s will has no place in determining what will happen in any major world event that may be linked to Biblical Prophecy.

It is sad the number of people who subscribe to the Elijah list and rush around giving copies to people so they all can be up to date on the “latest” prophecy!

from Herescope:

NAR Prophetess’s Inflammatory Comments on the Egypt Crisis

“Also, in looking back at the prophetic word for 2011 issued by the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders…, I read the warning we issued which said that satan would try and start another third world war.” — Cindy Jacobs[1]

“Satan is going to try and start wars such as he did when the first student volunteer movement started around the turn of the 20th century…. We must pray against the starting of a third world war, as satan wants to escalate world events for His purposes.” — Cindy Jacobs[2]

In February 1, The Elijah List, chief media outlet for the New Apostolic Reformation, issued an e-mail with the heading “Cindy Jacobs: Pray Against WWIII” which featured an “Urgent Prayer Alert from Cindy Jacobs: An Open Letter to the Arabic-Speaking Christians as well as the Church Worldwide.” Steve Shultz, publisher of The Elijah List introduced this alert by touting Jacobs as “one of those who is a hard core prophet and she is accurate in regards to the nations and world leaders!”

In this alert, which concerns the volatile situation in Egypt, Jacobs refers back to a “prophetic word for 2011” issued by the NAR’s core elite known as the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders in which they predicted that “satan would try and start another [sic] third world war.” Jacobs’ alert states:

I believe we are at that tipping point, at this moment, where the situation in Egypt could destabilize the region to such a degree that just such a scenario would take place. [emphasis in original]

Jacobs calls for an “Esther Fast” and then suggests that the Egypt crisis would be a fine time for Christians to “put aside their doctrinal and denominational differences and come together in unity to pray.” [emphasis in original] Observe how this crisis is being seized upon as a way to promote more ecumenical unity.

Jacobs who sees herself as not only the lead U.S. national apostle[3] but also a prophetess to the Nations,[4] is increasingly issuing political “prophetic” statements about American and world events, which we documented in our September 8, 2010 Herescope post.[5] At that time we observed that she was inserting herself into the political realm by making inflammatory statements like: “If the Church doesn’t fast and pray for a faster acceleration of revival and awakening, the iniquitous sin structures in the nation will tip the scale that is teetering and there will be another great depression.”[6] Also, seizing on the Gulf Oil crisis last summer, Jacobs in her prophetess role called for national prayer. This sort of ambulance chasing after every crisis is a particular strategy that she and fellow NAR false prophets and apostles are employing to gain a foothold into the Christian Right. They are tirelessly working to gain name recognition and dominance, and prayer is a useful tactic to make them seem respectable.[7]

It is against this backdrop of the characteristic hype and incendiary rhetoric of the NAR, that we offer a more scholarly observation on the biblical context of the current Egyptian crisis by Pastor Larry DeBruyn . . . .

read the full article here.

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from the Guardian:

Will evangelical Christianity take over the world? I do not think it will, but then I would say that, because it is not my sort of thing. That, however, has little relevance. I do not have a television, but still television has taken over the world. I do not belong to Facebook, but Facebook has still taken over the world.

In South America, where I live, we have a great deal of evangelical Christianity. Brazil has seen Pentecostal churches like the Assembléia de Deus stride across the country with giant steps, dwarfing the historically enormous Catholic church (to which I belong). Here in neighbouring Paraguay, we are behind the rest of the continent in the Pentecostal advance, but it is growing. This Sunday I went to the biggest evangelical church in Asunción, called the Centro Familiar de Adoración, which has a new building seating ten thousand people (yes, ten thousand). People from the CFA do excellent work, in particular running a chain of lunch clubs for the children from the poorest barrios.

I was greeted at the door with an information leaflet and an affirming greeting, “Blessings on you, sister”. Inside what was going on was like a television show: five young men and women with microphones were dancing and singing on an enormous stage while electric guitars and drums pumped out loud music. Close-ups of the faces were projected onto huge screens, and the congregation were waving their arms in the air. The song changed to an emotional slow movement, with words of yearning to express the sanctity of the Almighty. Then there was a time of healing – “God is doing something big, now, in this place, now, now, now…” (whoops of excitement from the floor). And then all the first-time attenders were called forward for a blessing, and shepherded out for counselling from a team of church leaders in small rooms, where they were given a leaflet, “Advice for a new life”.

There is no sacred symbol of any kind in this megachurch: no cross, no coloured focal point, no pulpit, just a vast stage, a clear perspex, movable lectern with a bible on it, and banks of seats behind for musicians and choir. A team of about 30 pastors were presented, coming in husband-wife couples – a pastor and a pastora. The men were all in suits and the women were all elegantly dressed – as though for a show. The preaching was all done by men, who used a lot of gestures and body movement to get their message across. There was a condemnation of Marx and of Nietzsche. The phrase “The bible says…” was often repeated, and the texts projected onto the walls were lacking in any inculturation, using the vosotros form for “you”, which is never used in South America unless in church texts imported from Europe. The service lasted two hours. . . . .

read the full article here

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from Herescope:

When I finished my online E-booklet, My Life in “The Way”, exposing the Buddhist/Taoist/New Age roots of the martial arts,[1] I also documented the inseparable relationship to its Western point man, Chuck Norris.[2] Norris is a martial artist, actor, author, political activist—and professing Christian—which necessitates the need for discerning Christians influenced by his celebrity to weigh his beliefs, his associations, and his mission with the Bible.


Now I urge you, brethren, keep your eye on those who cause dissensions and hindrances contrary to the teaching which you learned, and turn away from them(Rom. 16:17)

As I documented in My Life in “The Way”, Mr. Norris kept his 1988 autobiography, The Secret of Inner Strength: My Story, very secular. While there is no mention of a Christian conversion or belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, he admits to being influenced by New Thought/Human Potential gurus, Napoleon Hill and Dr. Joseph Murphy.[3] Mr. Norris routinely utilizes and affirms the use of visualization techniques throughout his book while recounting famous karate matches with other notable martial artists. Commenting on this practice I wrote:

Much could be said concerning the occult/metaphysical nature of the human potential movement, but suffice it to say, it is NOT Christian. Napoleon Hill was given his formula of success—the “Supreme Secret”—from unseen visitors on the astral plane calling themselves “The Venerable Brotherhood of Ancient India.” They taught Hill the power of visualization and his famous maxim, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” His most popular book, Think and Grow Rich, influenced millions. This demonic philosophy is behind such motivational teachings of the late Norman Vincent Peale, Robert Schuller, and Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret.[4]

With prompting and inspiration from his second wife, Gena,[5] Norris wrote a second “Christian” autobiography, Against All Odds, in 2004. In it, Mr. Norris says that he trusted Christ as his Savior at age 12 (sometime in 1952), while making a commitment to Him sometime later after going forward at a Billy Graham Crusade.[6] Despite this public profession of faith, Mr. Norris fails to recant neither his New Thought/Mind-Science techniques nor the core philosophies of the martial arts—teachings and practices that are completely incompatible with true Christianity.[7] Also troubling is an underlying “might makes right” attitude inherent in the fighting arts. On page 30, Mr. Norris records this story:

The ambushers beat him up badly [an Air Force policeman] and robbed him. [He] was a black belt in tang soo do. When the slicky boys found this out, they were so horrified at the potential reprisal they might suffer, they printed an apology in the local paper. It did them no good. When somebody messes with one black belt, he or she is challenging the whole organization. One of our members tracked down several of the attackers. He killed one and injured two. The police arrested him, and he was sentenced to three years in prison. He was back out on the street in two weeks. The lesson was clear: Mess with one member of our group, and your messing with all.[8]

The Bible says that murder is wrong and that vengeance belongs to the LORD.

On the contrary, Mr. Norris has retained this unbiblical mixture of beliefs and practices and has made them a primary part of his life’s work. I documented his most disturbing belief (and teaching) in my E-booklet:

Forty-four years after his professed conversion, and in between his two autobiographies, Chuck Norris published another book in 1996 entitled: The Secret Power Within: Zen Solutions to Real Problems. This book is a real problem for Christians. The reader discovers the “secret power within” on pages 127-130: “Ki: The Universal Power.” “The fact is that everyone has ki, which is really little more than a technique of visualization allowing one to utilize the internal energy that we all have and letting it flow through the body…”[10]

On page 36 of My Life in “The Way”, I made this observation followed by a probing question:

By now, the Christian reader is rightfully confused regarding the source of Mr. Norris’ “secret inner strength,” and “secret power within.” Has he made the same deleterious leap as Michael Chen and Rev. Jordan in equating the impersonal “ki” force (kundalini power) with the Holy Spirit of the Living God—the third person of the triune godhead? Has he unwittingly become a de facto false teacher of Far Eastern mysticism in woolen garb like this author did before fully repenting—and renouncing the martial arts? Let the evidence speak. . . . .

read the full article here.

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from Herescope:

If you’re a house churcher or emerging churcher (or baffled onlooker), what do you think of this confluence of HC [House Church] and EC [Emergent Church]?”  – Mike Morrell, zoecarnate[1]

The previous Herescope post looked at the big picture of how the Emerging Church movement is connecting with the New Apostolic Reformation, as exemplified by the release of the new book Jesus Manifesto co-authored by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola. There are even more troubling connections, and these lead straight into the New Age movement.

Emergent leader Mike Morrell got the plum job of conducting the book-launching “Interview With Frank Viola and Leonard Sweet,” which was posted on June 1 at Morrell’s webpage HERE. Morrell, “an editor with TheOoze.com and founder of the popular ‘alt.Christian’ web directory zoecarnate.com,[2] explains how he originally hooked up with Frank Viola in his article “House Church: Ready for Prime Time? Frank Viola says ‘Yes!'” Morrell, describing Frank Viola as a “family friend,” records that he “started reading Frank right at the beginning of my house church journey in 1998, my freshman year in college” and how “[o]ne year later, he crashed on a pallet beside me and three other guys on my parents living room floor!”[3] He then explains the significance of connecting the Emergent movement to the NAR’s “house church” movement. He began by relating that”

Around 2005 Frank discovered what dawned on me in 2001; that these ‘emerging church’ folks were valuable friends and conversation partners in discovering the life, meaning and mission of Jesus’ followers in the 21st century. He asked me what he should be reading more of, and who he should be talking to. I introduced him to some friends, and gave him some contacts with the e-zines. After digesting more of ‘the conversation,’ Frank penned an article that went viral, Will the Emerging Church Fully Emerge? Andrew Jones and many othersweighed in. .

read the full article here.

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